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Business Risk Management Solutions – According to Dataminr, 18% of risk leaders report that their current ERM strategy is effective or very effective in identifying, assessing, monitoring, responding and communicating risks. This highlights, more than ever, the importance of understanding the role of ERM software in implementing an effective ERM strategy.

In this article, we’ll explore what ERM software is, how risk professionals can use its key features to help develop and implement an ERM strategy, and which ERM software vendor to choose. Moreover, this is an opportunity for risk managers to re-evaluate the right type of software that can ultimately meet their organization’s goals, growth, profitability and resilience.

Business Risk Management Solutions

Business Risk Management Solutions

Enterprise risk management software, or ERM software, is a specialized tool designed to help organizations identify, assess, and manage risks across various departments. This report provides a comprehensive view of risk exposure, considering various risks (strategic, financial, operational, compliance, etc.) and their interrelationships. This allows companies to align risk management strategies with their business objectives.

Effective Risk Management Strategies For Small Medium Enterprises And Micro Companies

ERM software facilitates the collection and analysis of risk-related data, supports decision making through risk assessment and reporting, and helps monitor compliance with regulatory requirements. In fact, 52% of risk leaders agree that organizations with an integrated approach to identifying, assessing, and responding to incidents will reduce exposure and achieve better outcomes.

Although closely related in purpose, enterprise risk management software and enterprise risk management software address somewhat different needs within the broader risk management spectrum.

As mentioned previously, ERM software is designed to help organizations identify, assess, monitor, and mitigate risks in all aspects of the organization. A holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of risk exposure, and helps senior management make decisions that align with the company’s risk appetite and strategic objectives. ERM tools often include features for risk assessment, incident management, establishing risk appetite and tolerance, dashboard reporting, and scenario planning.

Risk management software, in the narrow sense, can focus on specific risk categories or risk management processes in specific operational areas, such as financial risks, IT risks, or health and safety risks. Risk management solutions are typically more specialized and may offer in-depth features tailored to specific types of risk, including risk identification, assessment, mitigation planning, and compliance management. They may not offer the broad, integrated view of all enterprise risks that ERM software provides, but they do offer more detailed functionality for the specific risk categories they cover.

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While there is overlap between ERM software and risk management software, the main differences lie in their scope and implementation. ERM software takes a holistic view of risk across the organization, with the goal of aligning risk management with strategic objectives, while risk management software may focus more on managing specific types of risk within specific operational areas.

Investing in ERM software represents a significant commitment for any organization. You need to ensure that the investment delivers value and is aligned with the company’s overarching goals, especially when 20% of security and risk decision makers indicated that the solutions their organizations use to manage risk today are almost completely integrated with other business systems, according to Dataminr research.

Here’s what to consider so you can maximize the value of your ERM software investment, turning it into a strategic asset that increases your organization’s resilience and risk-aware culture.

Business Risk Management Solutions

It is also important to evaluate the vendor’s reputation, customer support service, and software compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Engaging with peer organizations and industry groups can provide valuable insight and feedback on various ERM software solutions.

Which Risk Management Software You Should Use In 2024?

While focusing on features that suit your organization’s specific risk management needs and goals is important, the right set of features can significantly improve your ability to effectively identify, assess, manage, and monitor risks. Here are the main ERM features to look out for.

Each of the following ERM software solutions brings unique strengths, suitable for a variety of sizes and types of organizations, from startups to global enterprises, with specific industry needs. Below, in alphabetical order, are the 12 best ERM software vendors of 2024.

Specializing in audit, risk and compliance, AuditBoard is designed to audit workflows and integrates effectively with financial and IT systems, offering effective risk assessment and mitigation planning.

Designed for large entities, Diligent offers a comprehensive ERM platform focused on risk management, governance and compliance. The system stands out for its strong security measures—compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard through its Information Security Management System (ISMS)—and scalable features, despite its premium price.

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The Future Of Risk & Compliance Management Solutions

Fusion excels in business continuity and crisis management alongside ERM. It is scalable, offers comprehensive risk program management, and provides intuitive tools for managing various aspects of risk, making it suitable for large organizations focused on continuity planning. While Fusion integrates well with internal systems, external integration may require more development.

IBM OpenPages is an AI-driven and highly scalable GRC solution. It integrates well with IBM products and other enterprise systems, and offers a variety of risk management and compliance features.

Known for its flexibility, LogicGate enables customizable workflows for risk and compliance, making it ideal for businesses looking for a custom solution. It offers automation, scalability, and advanced risk quantification methods, such as Monte Carlo simulation.

Business Risk Management Solutions

Known for its comprehensive governance, risk and compliance (GRC) suite, MetricStream supports advanced risk assessment, integrates industry standard control frameworks such as COSO and COBIT, and includes AI-powered issue management to reduce redundancy.

Why Risk Management Is Important And How Software Can Help

Suitable for large organizations with complex legal and compliance needs, EnterpriseInsight™ provides a powerful platform for integrated risk management thanks to ready-to-use risk assessment templates that support extensive integration of enterprise systems.

Focused on privacy, data governance, and compliance, OneTrust appeals to organizations that prioritize data privacy and security. The software offers efficient data collection, risk classification and real-time reporting. Regulations covered in this module include ISO 27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Combining best practices such as COSO, Resolver offers a robust risk management solution with powerful incident management capabilities that integrate seamlessly with operational systems to increase risk visibility and integrate automated workflows and business intelligence.

Sprinto focuses specifically on security compliance management, positioning it as a niche yet highly effective tool in its field. Ideal for startups and mid-sized businesses, the software includes decentralized risk ownership, enables effective risk management across teams, and offers cloud integration and excellent customer support.

Understanding Risk And Resilience Management Solutions: Part Of The Oceg Grc Technology Series Recording

Now under Riskonnect, Ventiv offers advanced risk analysis and management tools suited to complex organizational structures. These systems provide detailed audit trails, automated alerts, and integrated reporting, but have a steep learning curve. Although it has a tough learning curve, Riskonnect makes up for it with extensive support and training.

A versatile tool that combines employee engagement with risk management, Workviva is best for SMBs. The system is easy to use and integrates well with HR systems, providing an affordable solution with a focus on an employee-centric approach to risk.

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While ERM software provides key capabilities such as identifying, assessing, monitoring, responding and communicating risks, it is also important to consider aspects related to business continuity and operational resilience. These elements are critical to ensuring your organization can survive disruptions and recover quickly.

Business Risk Management Solutions

Business continuity planning focuses on maintaining critical functions during and after a disaster, while ensuring that the organization can continue operating or resume operations quickly. This involves identifying critical business processes and the resources required to support them, developing a disruption management plan, and periodically reviewing and updating the plan to ensure effectiveness.

The 14 Best Risk Management Software Companies In 2023

Operational resilience then goes beyond business continuity and encompasses an organization’s broader ability to absorb and adapt to shocks, stresses, or adverse conditions without significantly harming its core business, stakeholders, or reputation. This involves understanding the relationships between various systems and processes within the organization and the potential impact of external factors. Building operational resilience requires a holistic approach that includes not only preparation for known risks but also the ability to adapt and be agile in responding to unforeseen challenges.

Integrating business continuity and operational resilience within an ERM framework will improve an organization’s overall risk management capabilities. Indeed, security and risk decision makers from more mature organizations with more effective ERM strategies say their organizations are more likely to implement:

Unlike ERM software that may focus solely on the risk aspect, our Meridian C2 Business Continuity Management software combines industry-agnostic modules and comprehensive features that not only address risk management (which is an excellent stand-alone RMS), but also important aspects of management risk. business continuity and operational resilience.

This integration ensures that organizations have access to the full range of tools necessary for effective enterprise risk management, business continuity and operational resilience in one platform. As a result, organizations are not only prepared to manage risk but also equipped to maintain critical functions and recover quickly from disruptions, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

How To Choose The Right Risk Management Software For Your Business

Book a demo today and see for yourself how C2 Meridian can transform your overall risk management goals.

With over 30 years’ experience as a business continuity and resilience practitioner, Richard understands these disciplines well, and even helped standardize BS25999 and ISO 22301. Richard also specializes in lean implementation for business continuity, IT service continuity and system security management For more than 70 organizations

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