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Business Performance Optimization Software – Your Business Insights team is made up of people who have deep industry knowledge and years of cross-functional experience. Our team works with you to understand what matters most to you in order to tailor it to your specific use cases. Whether your focus is conversion analysis, monthly strategic reporting or detailed performance optimization, our team is an extension of your team and provides the right data and recommendations to help you succeed.

We help you configure DEM components to fit your specific use cases and enable you to share and collaborate outside of your organization. Don’t just activate DEM, top it up!

Business Performance Optimization Software

Business Performance Optimization Software

The Insight analytics engine uses DEM data to get answers to questions that matter to you and your business. Find performance hotspots and isolate where behavior is affected by poor performance or errors.

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From your DNS to your code, we find problems and recommend solutions to optimize your performance and maximize business impact.

Our extensive experience working with hundreds of clients across all verticals provides unmatched expertise to help you go beyond real-time data to get accurate funnel views, page paths and failure analysis.

Get the most from our digital experience monitoring components with advanced analytics and performance optimization for your business

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The only thing more dangerous than someone with disproportionately more confidence than competence is someone with a power tool.

Exhibit A: After a particularly frustrating hour-long struggle to hang curtain rods in a level manner, I thought long and hard about where things were going wrong. My process of holding the rod precariously against the wall with one hand, struggling to keep it straight while balancing a small layer of plastic, and painstakingly drilling holes in the plaster with a cheap drill and an even cheaper drill just didn’t cut it. 

Summary: I bought a laser level, impact driver and better bits and now the stuff I hang is 90% level consistently if you don’t look too closely, and I can do it in a quarter of the time.

Business Performance Optimization Software

This is process optimization at its best, and the same concept can be applied to your business to great effect.

Business Insights Services

Process optimization involves identifying and correcting inefficiencies in routine processes to improve efficiency. Businesses often invest in improving processes to increase output, reduce unwanted work, and generate greater profits.

It sounds simple, but it can take a lot of time and expense to implement. That’s why an existing process optimization framework can help you find and fix those holes in your business operations, saving you massive amounts of time and money that you can spend on high-impact work.

Whether it’s streamlining HR processes, saving money or automating lead generation, the ability to optimize business processes is something every business manager needs in their tool belt. Optimizing the execution of repetitive tasks and complex processes has many benefits.

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If the “optimization” process sounds vague to you, that’s because it is. Instead, you can use these established (and not obscure) optimization frameworks to identify and fix problems in your workflow.

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No, I’m not talking about what my frames do. Lean is a general approach to project management that improves efficiency and results by reducing waste. A broad Lean framework can encompass many techniques that may vary by industry, but in particular, Lean project management helps prevent:

Process in action: Nature book publishers are looking for ways to reduce overhead. Their most popular titles are hiking guides, but seasonal demand ebbs and flows and the market is sensitive to price. Through value stream mapping, they realize they can save money by reducing bad books and storage costs. They decide to offer their guides as full-color digital e-books at the same price and switch print-on-demand production when they move from color to black and white. Books are printed only when someone orders them and combined with e-book sales, they manage to reduce production and storage costs without increasing prices.

A SIPOC diagram creates a practical visual representation of your business processes. It helps decision makers see the big picture and identify opportunities for optimization, so they can better align them on the metaphorical wall. SIPOC stands for:

Business Performance Optimization Software

Process in action: A bakery owner discusses the possibility of a specialty sandwich with a partner butcher. They create a SIPOC diagram to identify suppliers (bakery owner, butcher, ingredient supplier), inputs (new recipe, specialty meats, complementary ingredients), process (sourcing ingredients, ingredient preparation, cooking), outputs (new menu item). and customers (bakery owner, butcher, customers). They use the diagram to streamline ingredient exchange and sandwich preparation, organize budgets, and set prices.

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Like data mining, process mining scrapes existing data to uncover patterns, maps your current business processes and backs them up with real numbers.

Process in Procedure: A health care provider uses data mining software, which uses records of date-stamped events, including calls, appointment times, bills sent, and bills paid. Mining real data, including continuously updated current data, reveals key points where scheduling and billing can be improved to improve patient retention and reduce bill pay time.

Originally devised for Motorola as a mathematical approach to quality control in manufacturing, Six Sigma is also a lean technique useful for reducing waste, increasing accuracy and overall efficiency, and improving predictability.

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The word “sigma” refers to the standard deviation, the degree of spread or variability of something. Six Sigma therefore refers to a controlled process that is within six standard deviations of the mean and leads to an average of 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

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Six Sigma can also be used in Agile project management. Agile’s agile approach to continuous software delivery prevents problems before new features are released.

Depending on whether you are improving an existing process or creating a new one, there are two acronyms you can use to apply Six Sigma: DMAIC and DMADV.

Process in Action: A printing company has to find a way to deal with rising material costs for a price-sensitive market. Using DMAIC, they find they can save money and increase revenue by upgrading their facilities to reduce printing defects.

Business Performance Optimization Software

You can use value stream mapping to frame the current process in a convenient flowchart. Like a SIPOC diagram, this Lean-friendly visual aid helps you see things as they are so you can spot opportunities for improvement. VSM transforms complex processes with abstract costs and resources into clear plans with defined values.

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To create a VSM, list each step in a given process. For each step, note the time required and associated costs, along with whether it adds value (and if so, how much) to the end user. Once you can see the process represented in clear values, you can design a better model that eliminates steps that take too long or cost too much to justify their value.

Process in action: A marketing firm wants to reduce lead time for its customers. A manager uses VSM to map the production process from inception to delivery and finds that by restructuring their concept phase, they can streamline interdepartmental communication and 10 non-billable hours of each project.

Not to be confused with the Five Y’s of the Five Sages,

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